Advanced Courses

 Automated Electrical Defibrillator (AED)

Our Automated External Defibrillation (AED) training is suitable for delegates working in any sector. The training meets Resuscitation Council guidelines to ensure that defibrillators can be operated safely and legally.

Anaphylaxis and AutoPen/EpiPen Training

This course will teach you how to recognise and treat Anaphylaxis and the correct use of AutoInjectors/EpiPens.

The ability to understand allergic reactions and deal with sudden and severe symptoms is an essential part of patient care.


Our Asthma and COPD training course will equip delegates with the knowledge needed to provide appropriate and effective treatment and support to their clients.

Emergency First Aid at work (QCF)

This course covers how to provide emergency first aid, the principles being relevant both at home and in the workplace.

Malaria Awareness and Prevention

This course will provide delegates with information on means of transmission and how to effectively reduce the risks of contracting Malaria and other arboviruses such as Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever and Zika Virus.

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